The Quaglia's get a new pool

Lots of adventure on the street, as the neighbours decide to get a new pool.

It is a newer design of pool, where the entire pool is formed at a factory, and then shipped on the back of a truck. A hole slightly larger than the mold is dig, and equipped with plumbing and heating as well as drainage. The pool is then dropped into the hole and the sides are filled in to support the pool.

In this case, there was no direct path from the street to the backyard, so the pool had to be lifted by crane over the houses and into the installation. The street was only shut down for a few minutes, and the entire exercise was over in about 10 minutes. Folks from around the block and down a few streets did stop by to check out the activity.

Prep for the job was done over the previous week, as parts of the existing patio had to be removed, and the hole had to be dug along with supporting trenches and locations for equipment. The pool was brought on a truck and had to be carried on it's side as it was much wider than the trailer. The crane had to be set up in the front yard, and a lot of time was spent by the crew making sure that everything was set for the lift before actually giving it a go. One operator worked the crane in the front of the house while the crew worked several ropes tied to the pool from around the property to control any sway and movement of the pool as it was hoisted in the air and over the house. At one point the pool was about 10 feet over the house.

Once the pool was lowered into position, the crew very carefully disengaged the crane and worked to start filling in the sides of the hole.

You can see more photos of the exercise at my Flickr site.

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